[Methods and Processes]

The Course
Oulipo Methods

Hyper-drawing; to create the possibilities of hybrid design from un-order drawing

Toy for a site explore

Observational Analysis @ Goldsmiths Cafe'

In order to explore the site, I chose to record the relationships and activities of people on the queue which have politic in themselves and react diffirently within the space. Another concerned is time that can produce and reflect into the behavior of environment and space.

Crisis Mapping

It is a useful tool to define and analyse the information words without any hierarchy.

Disgrams, Timelines and Spirals

Timeline is a method that help me to understand about what the relationship between time and objects is in deeply. Also, the process can construct the data-base information of objects - the pass, present and the future - which can be dedicated as the time-machine of designing.

Net for Storycube

the cube one has provided the interesting dimentions of messages that are shared by 6 faces of the cube. It is a alternative way of communication to others in order to exchange their ideas and information.

Environment Behavior one - Traces

Political Mapping @ Deptford High St.

To understand a space in deeply, observing and mapping into the site is so important. This mapping has emphasized to explore the hidden politic and relationship of everything within the site in order to re-design something that be suitable for its space.

A Diffusion Notebook with Proboscis

Future Trend - 2020

Another Interesting
Pranav Mistry at TED; The Sixth Sense

Paris: Invisible City