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Space of Production project is much more concerned about Human Condition discipline of Hannah Arendt as it is the main idea to understand the project question. Thus, at first I spent the time to read books to acquire the deep understanding about what was the critical process of making, unmaking and relationship among human beings, space, tool and technology. In the mean time, I chose sushi restaurant as my productive space. As I visited the site several times, the process of making sushi came across to my idea about how human move their body as a tool in order to shape objects related to their using and human scale. While my idea was drawing, the idea of these processes between observing the space was captured. My outcome – the prototype - can directly project the process of making sushi which was interpreted into the process of growing a plant, ephemeral object as sushi present itself.

Organizing Ideas

Conceptual Sketch

Squeeze it..Feed it..Grow it!

Reading reference

The Interior Blooming [The Project]

The Interior Blooming is the product that has inspired and imitated the process of sushi making. Its process concerns about the human limitation, the human scale, which has interpreted and transformed the natural materials intothe ephemeral object, sushi.

Its design has transformed the process of those production intergrated with the natural process to become The Interior Blooming project. The product is designed from imitating and reflecting those process in which the way we shape our hand, fingers and even our gesture to create visible thing.
Thus, the main purpose is to encourage the user to have interaction with the product by their own embodied experiment in order to perceive and gain empirical experience themselves.

Ideational Drawing