Temporary Autonomous Zone | Space of Perceived

The starting point of this project is to discuss with people in the group about what is the potential area that is suitable for the project question, and where should be appropriate area. After we chose Greenwich area as our project site, we visited the site in order to share our opinion and to analyse positive and negative aspects of the site. I came back with the question about ‘how space can represent their hidden activities, functions and potentials? So, I started to read few books and did research from the internet. During this period, I tried to analyse my ideas, took some photos from the site, made a note and interviewed people at the site. I realised that space is not the one that presented itself as context, but the factor of time is included. Another question lighted up in my mind ‘how to capture time? Then, I went back to the site which I found that people has done their activities within space differently not only depended on timing but also depended on texture of floor material. All these contributed for my answer ‘OK, I got an idea’. Thus, the first project I used sound to be the represent of material that relate to time in which people listening to the specific sound, stand on specific floor material in order to perceive the space.

Organizing Ideas


Conceptual Idea

Q: What is happen if the space can speak?
A: ...

Reading Reference

Space of Perceived [The Project]

Site of this project is CuttySark Garden.

To define the hidden ideology of space by using sounds that relate to the conceptual space in order to stimulate the memory of sound listenner to perceive the space.

Outcome of project

Q: What is happen if the space can speak?
A: ...
A: We can perceive what the space is, and how it constructed and constituted.